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Say hello to my lil’ geek frens!!!

Lars Von Halen

Lars Von Halen


I worked in video stores for years.  That was pretty much the best job ever.  For several hours a day I was able to either debate, negate, or celebrate the myriad of tiny plastic boxes around us…and of course sneak vodka shots and watch Eddie Izzard while closing the store.  Now I’ve got a “real job,” but I miss that dialogue…and the vodka.  So here’s the website to continue it on…excuse me…here is the website on which to continue it.  There.

I encourage comments and debates, but don’t be shitty to each other…

Be…excellent…to each other.

For something a little different, check out these side-project pages:

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Oh, and if you’d like to contribute a post as an author, contact me on the form below.  Yes, I’ll let you post on this site!! Imagine!! The fortune! The fame!!

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