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The Oscars!!

Aw come on! You KNEW this was coming! I’d just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Oscars this year, aside from the medley of musical numbers.  (Baz, Beyonce, Hugh–I love you, but I just hate that shit.)  The humor was appropriately self-deprecating and Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job, as I knew he would–after all, he has a strong theatrical background, so performing comes naturally to him.



Yes, yes, she should’ve won a long time ago.  In my humble opinion, her performances in Heavenly Creatures, Holy Smoke, and Sense and Sensibility, not to mention (Good Lord in Heaven) Jude–possibly THE most depressing film EVER–merited an Oscar, but then again, Gwyneth Paltrow beat out Cate Blanchett, and yes, I’m still fuming over that one.  But I’ve let go a little….now I’m fuming quietly.  Calm.  Caaaaaaalllllmmmmm….

The one bit of the evening where Paul raised his eyebrows (anyone who knows him knows how meaningful this is) and where I put down my beer (anyone who knows me absolutely knows how meaningful THIS is) was when they were giving out the Best Actor award.  Michael Douglas’s homage to Frank Langella included something along the lines of:

“Your portrayal of Nixon causes us to forget…outshines…every other portrayal ever done of Nixon,”

(I’m paraphrasing a bit, but this is pretty close)

…with Sir Anthony Hopkins standing right next to him onstage.  Yikes!! Aw-kwaaaaarrrrdd…


8 Responses to “The Oscars!!”

  1. While I didn’t love the medley with Beyonce. I used to love her and now she really bugs me. I was bored and sick of her two move choreography. Hip’s shake, raise leg.

    I did, however, like the first big number with Jackman. He’s a hell of a song and dance man and the theme was Old Hollywood, Swakorski crystals hanging from the ceiling to the floor, art deco floors, big dance numbers…I loved it!

    I almost pee’d in my pants at Ben Stiller’s dead-on portrayal of Joachim Phoenix.

    And while I was hoping for a win for Richard Jenkins, I did think Penn’s speech was one the finest on human rights I have heard.

    I just wish he’d ended it there and not made that inside comment to Rourke.

    I didn’t connect the dots between Douglas comment and Hopkins standing there. I was only thinking about how great Langella was in that film. He was brilliant!

    This was one of those years where I thought all those men deserved the Oscar.

    I loved Kate’s comment to Streep.

    And don’t forget Winslet in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Little Children”, “Revolutionary Road”…She’s brilliant. I actually thought she deserved it more for “Revolutionary Road” than “The Reader.” I was happy as hell she won.

    I am a big fan of Melissa Leo. Let’s hope she now gets the roles and breaks she has longtime deserved.

    And like the rest of the country, I was rooting for Slumdog Milionare. I just wish I hadn’t read the stories of how little those tiny boys got paid. It really pisses me off and I hope they do right by them.

    Thank God for the Bollywood songs and dance numbers. I prefer this to the endless songs intersperced randomly throughout the night with people who have nothing to do with the film or song singing them.

    And one last comment…What the hell happened to Mickey Rourke’s face? I mean, he was beautiful and he looks worse than Joan Rivers and Faye Dunaway combined.

    And yes, I watched the Barbara Walter’s special where he said he didn’t have a drug problem but had anger issues…

    I almost couldn’t watch ” The Wrestler” because he looks so bad.

  2. Haha, didn’t catch the Douglas dis of Hopkins. I was too disturbed by the way the actors were all lined up to give out the award as if this was an intervention. No wonder Javiar Bardem turned down his invitation.

    Did you hear when Alan Arkin addressed Hoffman as “Seymore Phillip”?

  3. YES!! Haha!! Paul and I looked at each other like, “umm…did he just say?”

  4. Robert Downy Jr. got robbed.

  5. I actually whole-heartedly agree. That was absolutely the most hilarious (and yet still just REALLY WELL DONE) character I’ve seen him do. I think…God strike me down for saying this about a dead man…that Heath got it because he died. I truly don’t think he would’ve gotten that oscar had he been sitting there in the audience. I’m sorry, but that’s my story and I’m a stickin’ to it!

    Nice username, my friend! haha!! I should’ve known who it was immediately! 🙂

  6. And in the same vein, I think Charlize Theron only got her Oscar for “Monster” because she uglied herself. My humble opinion. I’ve seen the movie, and I just didn’t see that it was anything much beyond good makeup and fifty pounds. Certainly not an Oscar-worthy performance. Sorry Charlize!

  7. I thought Charlize got the Oscar because she died …

    Seriously though, has she done anything since then that’s half as good as her role in Monster?

  8. Nope, and actually there was something I was thinking about recently that struck me kinda funny. I remember about three or so years ago, maybe more, Charlize was set to play Dusty Springfield in a film, and REFUSED to lip sync (admirable, but ambitious, considering Dusty’s got one of the finest voices ever heard); instead she planned on recording all of the songs herself. In an interview I read about the film and how up for the task at hand she was, Charlize said, and I quote (well, paraphrase, as google has failed me):

    pseudo quote: “the one thing my momma always praised me on was my talent, not just that I was beautiful. I can sing, I can dance. Those were the things she praised about me to other people.”

    Um. Who actually SAYS those things without blushing? Kinda along the same lines as Ashley Judd saying that her mother once said she was an “intellectual pinup.” Yikes! Conceit, I see you peepin’ through…

    But anyways, I couldn’t help but notice that film never got made…I wonder why? (Finger on chin)

    and hey–am I, like, the only one who didn’t know that Dusty Springfield was a lesbian??

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