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Authors…how it works…

Hey y’all! I’m still learning about how this whole blog thing works.  I figured everyone could just join up and start threads, but apparently it doesn’t work that way.  (Paul is rolling his eyes now as if he knew this shit all along…whatEVERRR!) In order to be able to do more than just comment on MY blatherings, you have to be given…


Author status…everyone collectively….”oooooohhhh!!”

So what this means is–you register with wordpress.  Then, if you wish to have author status, simply email me with the email address that you used to register, and I’ll add you as a user (yep. you fucking USERS!!!) to my dashboard.  Coolio.

Blather well, oh my brothers.  Blather well.


3 Responses to “Authors…how it works…”

  1. While Heath was great as the Joker, I think Robert Downy Jr. got robbed.

  2. It’s hard to say. Ledger was fantastic as the Joker, no doubt, but the cynical part of me questions whether he would have been as highly lauded if this were not a posthumous award. Hmm, maybe he would have. It was a damned good performance.

  3. downey jr not robbed-fact! I love robert downey jr but tropic thunder was prob one of my least fav films of his lately, he was good but not so much everybody else, ‘cept alan patridge(can’t remember real name the now). it would have been like pacino winning for “scent of a woman”, or denzel for “training day” !! before i watched “the dark knight” i thought all the ledger “buzz” was posthumous sycophantic sympathy but i hate to admit i jumped on the proverbial bandwagon after watching it. ledger was excellent, in fact it’s so good i’m going to the IMAX cinema to see it again cos they’re re-running “the dark knight”…right after “watchmen”…..

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