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Lamberto Bava’s “Blade in the Dark”

Just watched this a couple of nights ago with the hubby.  GREAT death scenes, but overall, the gaping plot holes and the truly atrocious dubbing (both common for giallos, but this was pretty damned bad) just pulled me out too much.  Oh and the first murder weapon was one of those arts and crafts exacto knives with the glued-together blades that can snap off like a twig–not extremely threatening.  When Paul and I saw it, we started laughing our asses off.  After doing some quick research I discovered that this movie was intended to be a three part TV series.  Interesting…why can’t WE have TV shows like that?

Overall, good effort, but I only give it a C+

And for the record, as someone who’s done voiceover work before, I cannot help but be a bit pissed off when I hear these American(?) Italian(?) voiceover artists dubbing over the actors with voices that DO NOT match the facial expression or the…fibre, fill, space(?) of that actor.  I cannot explain it, but the voices just don’t work at ALL in this film.  Again, one of those things that can be charming, but can also be extremely annoying. 

But again–GREAT fucking death scenes, especially the second one! They almost made up for the bits that didn’t work.  We’re looking forward to our next film: I Spit On Your Grave–one of my personal Sunday afternoon faves that Paul hasn’t seen yet…I told him it was a gothic mystery! Tee hee!!


3 Responses to “Lamberto Bava’s “Blade in the Dark””

  1. We watched “I Spit On Your Grave” the other night–my second time, Paul’s first. God, that film is crazy. A lot of “hmm, why would she do THAT?” moments, but still a fantastic film…

    and I just gotta tell this joke that my friend, Chris Walker told me:

    What do 9 out of 10 people prefer?

    give up?

    Gang rape.

  2. I feel kinda obligated to respond to any thread devoted to ‘A Blade In the Dark’, but I haven’t seen the damn thing in ages. We used to have this at Video H20, on videotape. Actually, this used to be one of the only non-Argento giallos one could find domestically in the pre-Anchor Bay/Blue Undergroun/No Shame/etc days. I mostly remember the appallingly dubbed “female, you are a female” taunting scene at the beginning, and little else.

    Oh, and since you mention giallo television…Argento’s Door Into Darkness TV series has a US DVD release now. So if the notion of a pre-Deep Red Argento, working without widescreen, Goblin or explicit violence, appeals…

    And if you haven’t seen it, be aware that ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ star Camille Keaton did a decent giallo in 1972 called ‘What Have You Done To Solange?’. I’m nearly as foggy on that one as I am the Bava film, but I remember liking it. The director, Massimo Dallamano, was also the DP on some little Spaghetti Western called ‘A Fistful Of Dollars’.

  3. Oh yeah, I actually own “What Have You Done..” thanks to our good “buddy,” Malinowski! 🙂 It actually IS a good film, but shit, I totally didn’t realize that was Camille Keaton. I need to watch it again…

    and yes…the “you’re a female” bit was absolutely TERRIBLE!! Laughable.

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