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This goes out to all you misunderstood, overlooked works of greatness

This blog is dedicated to those films that many of my friends (and my husband! My own husband!!) tease me about liking . But much the same way you all say you don’t cry when Artax dies in “The Neverending Story,” you lie and say you hate these films, but then you watch them and realize that I’m right–they’re thoroughly enjoyable!

You know you wanna cry. Let it go, man. Just let it out.

You know you wanna cry. Let it go, man. Just let it out.

1. Splitting Heirs: It’s a total Sunday-daytime-telly type humor, very silly and goofy, but it’s perfect for…well…when you’re lounging around on a Sunday afternoon on the couch…naturally.  There’s a heck of a lot of good (alright, wasted, but still…) talent in this film, which gives it some merit.  I DO have a problem with the idea of Catherine Zeta Jones and Eric Idle shagging. 

2. King Ralph: Ahhhh, another classic.  Peter O’Toole & John Hurt lend gravity to this cast, but then again…they really don’t.  In it, John Goodman plays a gregarious bumpkin from the US who finds himself the only man in line for the throne.  Hilarity ensues. No, really.

3.  High Spirits: I love this film so much I wrote an entire review of it on Netflix.  FanTASTic film.  If you don’t like it, you suck.  Neil Jordan rules.

4.  Mannequin: I have absolutely no idea why I love this film.  But I do.  Maybe it has something to do with a fantasy of being able to flounce around a large department store, trying on anything I want.

5.  Beastmaster: I will defend this to the death.  I love the animals–great actors! Tanya Roberts is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.  Rip Torn is gruesome.  The evil creatures are truly creepy at times, even though you can almost see the actors through the costumes.  GREAT film! Thoroughly entertaining.

6.  Back to School: I’ve been watching this since I was little.  Robert Downey Jr is hilarious in this film, and it’s pretty neat being able to see Oingo Boingo perform “live” during one of the many frat parties.  Plus, let’s face it–we all want to see the short, geeky guy from “Christine” get off with the super hot, tall chick.

7.  Caligula:  God, I love this film.  Originally meant as a Gore Vidal masterpiece, Penthouse got involved and “spiced it up” with sex scenes and gore.  Hey, Gore, gore. Hmmmm…Honestly though, Malcolm McDowell could take a dump on screen and I’d watch it.  But this is better than a dump. Truly.

8.  Iron Eagle: Soundtrack’s good.  Watching Jason Gedrick get “pissed off” over and over can get a bit much, but it’s fun watching him kick Middle Eastern-but-we’re-not-quite-sure-which-country-but-then-again-it-doesn’t-matter-because-surely-they’re-all-bad-and-against-the-US ass.

9.  Vice Versa & Like Father, Like Son:  Basically the same film, but although Vice Versa is better, they’re both thoroughly enjoyable…Kirk Cameron…what happened to ya man? What happened?

10. Rhinestone: Ahhhhh!! More an unknown than the subject of ridicule, this film showcases Sly Stallone and Dolly Parton in some of the best comedic timing I’ve seen in a long time.  You MUST watch this. 

Well, that’s it, little buddies! Enjoy! Discover and Rediscover!!!

3 Responses to “This goes out to all you misunderstood, overlooked works of greatness”

  1. […] BIGGEST sob-fest I believe I have ever seen in public, with the notable exception of the scene in The Neverending Story where Artax dies…double shudder…but this was worse than that, only because the waves of pain just keep coming […]

  2. I honestly thought I was the only one who loved Mannequin… Hollywood is the best 80s flaming gay character in film. So over the top. 😉

    I would also like to show respect for back to school. How many times have I seen these two films…40-50… no really that is an accurate approximation. Wow now the internet knows my secret.

    King Ralph, I saw in the theater as a child. I didn’t even remember Peter O’toole was in it. 🙂 I love the stripper in that movie, she is just the perfect amount of low class London. Page 3 girl for sure.

    Vice versa is, by far, the superior film. Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage? Are you F’in kidding me? Comic gold!

    Last but certainly not least… I cry like a baby every time the damn horse dies. Ugh getting misty just thinking about it.


  3. […] However…there is one that absolutely stands out as my premium celebrity dick story, only because it involved someone that I adore—someone I have always thought would be an awesomely friendly person to meet, someone whose obese frivolity entertained me for years as a child.  No, it’s not Rush Limbaugh.  I am speaking of the man who starred in one of my all-time-favorite films, King Ralph… […]

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