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A Double Feature!!!

Okay, so I must apologize for my significant absence from my blog.

Hello? (Echo! Echo!)

I’m sure you’re all out there. I can hear you breathing! I just haven’t watched that many films lately, and nothing’s been really grabbing me with the ones I did watch…of course, “Ski School” is always a favorite…But now, hooray! I have TWO, count ’em TWO films to speak about…awww, you’re welcome!


Harry Potter…a tiny bit of a limp wand this time ’round…

Now granted, I don’t remember all the details of the books, as it’s been a while since I’ve read them, and I’d like to think I’m not TOO much of a Nazi when it comes to book adaptations–except for “The Hours…” Don’t even get me STARTED on that one…grrr…

But…this was an odd script.  The writer, Steve Kloves, who has written all of the HP films except for “The Order of the Phoenix,” has always done really well at using just enough of the book to make the geeks happy, while still supporting a streamlined storyline that non geeks seem to enjoy.  Maybe his brief sojourn cocked his brain up a bit? It felt a bit like Kloves had maybe read the book, waited a couple months, then got drunk on martinis one night and stayed up in an all-night bender, screaming, “Fuck it! Who needs the damned book!?!? I AM the Parry Hotter series!!!!”.  I can just see him now, scribbling like a madman (yep, in my little fantasy I’m concocting there are no computers…) forgetting one piece here, using another piece here in a place where it didn’t make sense, throwing in an eerily disjointed cornfield scene that  isn’t even IN the book, and yet features the Weasly’s house burning down!

This one really confused me.  I mean, WOW.  Obviously if Kloves was going to add a scene, it wasn’t going to be just any ol’ minor detail…No! It’ll be a major plot point, by god! 

Oh shit…but wait a tic…the Weasley’s all seem curiously unaffected by the loss of their home, (Ginny just stands there looking like her goldfish just died) and there’s no mention of it at all in the subsequent 2 hours of the film…so…um…I guess no major plot point there…yeah.

(And of course I was joking about Kloves and the bender…)

But still, despite my harping on Kloves (just joshing you, dude. You rock, and “Wonder Boys” was fantastic!) Overall, I still thoroughly enjoyed the film.  The acting is getting better and better, sexual tension is running rampant, and the dark moods continue to prevail–something I’ve always admired about the film series.  I do think many who haven’t read the whole series will be left going, “Huh? That’s it? No Voldemort? No big fight at the end??” but that is the point of this particular book–it’s a jumping off point for the final book, which is getting made into TWO films, “Kill Bill” style.  Final words: Although a bit schizo, this movie was entertaining and really puts you in that world.  Escapism rulz!!


Aaahh, Milk.  First off, it made me boo hoo, particularly in light of Prop 8 and the fight we’re all still fighting against uptight, bigoted assholes and their idea of morality.  I also thought that Sean Penn absolutely deserved the Oscar.  Wow, what a performance.  He WAS Harvey Milk.  And not only that, he exuded light and energy.  I’ve only ever seen Sean Penn do dark roles (with the obvious exception of Spiccoli, but even Spiccoli wasn’t just beaming with heavenly light and good nature like Harvey Milk), so this was captivating (yep, I said captivating.  Sheesh, I must be gettin’ soft in my old age…) to watch. 

Aside from the superb acting from Penn and the decidedly low-key and pleasant performance by James Franco, there were some great characters brought by Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch, and Joseph Cross, (who was in “Running With Scissors.” ).  This film does exactly what it’s meant to do: shock you, anger you, enlighten you, delight you…and make you boo hoo.  Well done, folks.  Well done. 

Interesting trivia: many of the original players in the Harvey Milk story were featured in the film.

Pig Fuckers.

Pig Fuckers.

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