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Goodbye cruel world!!!

This is a suicide note.  I’m going to have to kill myself, because I cannot bear to live…

Why, you ask?

I’ll tell you why.  Fate has conspired against me.  Polarizing forces have merged, time has ceased to exist, and the unthinkable has happened…

Dario Argento AND Malcolm McDowell will be attending Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ, March 12-14, 2010….and I CAN’T BE THERE!!!!

The reason I can’t go?

“Cloud Nine,” the play I’ve been trying to produce for almost three years now is FINALLY opening at the Lyric Theatre, and the two events conflict.  I can’t get away!!! It’s going to happen right in front of me, and I am helpless.  Cruel, cruel!!!

Malcolm, Dario–words cannot express my sadness at not being able to meet you.  So if I can’t meet you and do the play, I’ll do neither. 

OFF WITH MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!! (Trauma style, for maximum melodrama guilt effect)

Paid for by Monster Mania & Bill Ackerman


One Response to “Goodbye cruel world!!!”

  1. FYI. I will return from the netherworlds long enough to attend this:
    as Dario Argento will be there on Sunday. Hooray!

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