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Oh Sandra Bullock! How do I love thee?!? Let me count the ways….

You went to ECU, in my splendiferous home state of North Carolina, which means that a) you’re a party hellion and b) you’re a conscientious actress, as they have a fantastic Meisner program there.

You can take any formulaic, terribly written, just plain mediocre romantic comedy and not only make me give it a shot when I know it might suck in every other way, but afterwards I actually find myself thinking it was a good movie…when it totally wasn’t! (Although admittedly, I have not watched All About Steve…yet.) And all because of you, my darling.

For some bizarre reason, when you cry in a movie, it makes me cry.  Pretty much without fail.  Damn you.

So that’s only three ways.

But they’re big ‘uns.

And the first one kinda encompasses three in one.  So there.

Yes, this is a total blog throwaway.  But I just watched The Blind Side, really liked it (a great antidote for the overwrought and overblown Precious–see that rant here) and I felt the need to praise this gal. 

Sandra, if you ever wanna get drunk with my husband and I, we’re here for ya.  Bring your cute baby Louie.  We’ll get him drunk too.  After all, it’s in his blood–he’s from New Awlins.  (Not N’awlins, by God!!!)


2 Responses to “Oh Sandra Bullock! How do I love thee?!? Let me count the ways….”

  1. Saw Sandra Bullock jogging down San Vicente the other day and almost nose-dived out of the car window to run after her. Paul held me back. Yeah, I’m a pseudo-stalker.

  2. […] film falls short of what it had the potential to be.  But I am biased, because we all know that I have a major crush on Sandra Bullock.  Truly gifted improv actors working together is magical to behold, especially for someone like […]

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