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Boo! Oh, calm down. (Guest author contribution by Tracy, the woman, the legend)

(The second chapter in the continuing saga of my stupid ankle.)

I hate getting old. It seems that with every year that’s added to my life, I get a little more nervous about EVERYTHING.

Case in point: I’m about to watch Paranormal Activity for the first time. I just watched the trailer, to get myself ready, and it scared me. I’m actually nervous about watching this movie and this is coming from a lass who considers Halloween, The Thing, and Suspiria three of her favorite movies.

When did I turn into such a wimp? Okay. Here we go….

(2 hours later…)

See, this is what always happens. I get myself worked up and nervous and twitchy and then things turn out to be not such a big deal.

The premise of Paranormal Activity, if you don’t already know, is that a young couple, Katie and Micah, has moved into a very nice house in San Diego – a very, very waaaaaay-beyond-their-means nice house. She thinks something supernatural is going on and he gets a very, very waaaaaay-beyond-their-means nice camera to record any of this activity, including anything that may happen while they’re asleep. (He doesn’t get the camera to be supportive boyfriend, though. Not our Michah. He gets it because they might capture something that will make them lots of money. But more on him later.) Katie is scared, a psychic tells them this is serious, Micah pantses around for a while, and over the course of a couple weeks their nightly hauntings go from creepy to downright freaking scary.

As is usually the case when a movie puts the characters in charge of the camera, there were a few forced scenes for the sake of exposition. Still, Oren Peli did some nice stuff with the first-person camera thing as well. The nighttime scenes were easily the best use of this technique; the viewer is forced to watch and listen from an isolated corner, unable to warn the sleeping couple when things are about to happen and unable to follow when the screams are coming from down the hall. Instead, we wait and brace ourselves for….something. I admittedly flinched a few times in addition to doing that trick where you stare at one spot down in the corner of the screen when you know something is about to jump out but you don’t want to look like you’re looking away. Fortunately they had a little clock display down there, so it gave me something to focus on. “Why look, it’s 2:08 am!” (The cats, the only ones watching the movie with me, weren’t impressed.)

On the down side, the scariest thing for me about Paranormal Activity was my almost overwhelming urge to punch Micah in the face. Your girlfriend is coming apart and needs your support and freaky shit is happening and not only you do completely betray her trust by bringing a Ouija board into the house after she made you promise you wouldn’t, but, when she’s really, justifiably frightened, you condescendingly brush her off so you can get some neat-o footage?! Fuck you, asshole. Here, go ahead and go toe to toe with a demon. Have fun with that.

Sorry, he really got to me. Jerkface.


One Response to “Boo! Oh, calm down. (Guest author contribution by Tracy, the woman, the legend)”

  1. Well stated, Tracy!! Micah sucks!

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