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Going tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're going the FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “HP7!!”

  1. And boy, I sure did shed a wee tear. What a great film. It was pretty tense from beginning to end. The action was non-stop. People died in very gruesome ways. I am utterly satisfied.

  2. Now I’m off to watch the 3D version….tonight at the Grove at 7pm!

  3. Watched the film in 3D, and I must say–meh. It really wasn’t that much different than in 2D, and the glasses were REALLY heavy. My girl, Tanya, and I had to hold them up the entire time (very tiring) AND it gave me a pimple where it was sitting on my nose.
    But at least they kinda looked cool, which means photo op!!
    (see above.)

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