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Ever drank werewolf blood?? Would you settle for werewolf beer??

Update 09/20/11: Hello, hello!! I’ve got an AMAZING, witty, absolutely fantastic blog about this night and this movie, just ready to go…as soon as I can get the danged photos off my phone.  It’s having…em…technical issues.  So just hang onto yer hats, folks.  It’ll be worth it!


*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Ohhhh, sometimes I LOVE THIS TOWN!!! (Oh calm down, North Carolinians, you know I will always represent the cackalack…)

Cinema Speakeasy is offering an “American Werewolf in London Drink-Along” September 10th!

(WHICH, for any of you wanting to send me presents, is exactly one week before my birthday.  You do the math.)

At this fantabulous shindig, they’ll be showing the film (really?!?!) and offering tasty werewolf-themed food and alcohol, including Newcastle werewolf beer…which I cannot even BEGIN to imagine.  I will most certainly contribute a blog posting (which I know I’ve been a bit slack on of late) afterwards.  So hang tight.



p.s.  Roar.


2 Responses to “Ever drank werewolf blood?? Would you settle for werewolf beer??”

  1. This is going to be soooooo cooooooo! (ARR-ooooooo!)

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