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I can share…sometimes.

Fellow film geeks, we have struck gold here.  I follow Filmbalaya, the brain child of two geeky cinephiles based in San Francisco, and Adam Cuttler, one of those two fellows, really made my millennium this morning when I opened my email and saw this:

Interview with Tommy Wiseau, The Driving Force Behind The Room

Please, for the love of GOD, if you have not seen The Room yet, you must rectify this.  Preferably with a group of friends in front of a projector screen, like I did.

Then alternate between laughing your ass off and twisting your face in horror and disgust.

Then read this article.

Then laugh your ass off.

That is all.



2 Responses to “I can share…sometimes.”

  1. Whenever I feel down…I just watch a few clips from The Room…makes me feel better about everything;)

  2. It’s inspiring!! This man has taken a shitty idea, shitty plot, shitty writing, shitty acting, shitty cinematography, AND shitty directing, and turned it into a (money making?) creeper sensation!!! 😀

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