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Mawkish Hawkings During Awards Season



Screener number two has arrived!!!


Directed by: James Marsh

Written by: (based on the book by Jane Hawking) Screenplay by Anthony McCarten

Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis, Emily Watson

First Impressions:  Oooooh, the Stephen Hawking film!! I’ve heard a lot of great things about these relatively unknown actors.  Bring on the cosmology and loooove!

Final Impressions:  Oh. Holy. Jesus.  Wow.  Um.  I want to club my brains out with an Oscar statue.  This movie should have been titled, “How Many Cinematographic Clichés Can We Fit Into Two Hours?” From the opening scene of two dapper, Cambridge boys on bicycles whooping it up around the town (cue uplifting music!! And bikes because you should SEE what a ZEST for life Hawking always had!!!), to the absolutely ridiculous jail-cell style bathtub he finds himself in shortly after his diagnosis (because the diagnosis was like a prison sentence, you dig??!?!?), to the obligatory super 8 style footage whenever we need to see happy shots of family life and the passage of time neatly packaged together…Oy vey, this was so incredibly TEDIOUS and so incredibly disrespectful to the absolutely gorgeous performance by Redmayne.  Truly, I went into this thinking, “Ahhh, how good could he be?” and truly, when it was happening in front of me I was riveted…by he and he alone.  Felicity Jones, while a lovely and fine actress, is horribly miscast in this role.  She looks about twelve years old.  Throughout the ENTIRE FILM.  At the end, when her teenaged children are running around her and Stephen in the courtyard, they look older than she does, and by this point she is purportedly pushing forty.  It looks silly, and it takes you out of the story, ad nauseum.   Thankfully Thewlis and Watson (who is horribly underused) make appearances, or else I’m not really sure Redmayne alone would save this film for me.  And it’s not even just the directorial choices—it’s the screenplay, the dialogue.  Cliché, cliché, cliché.  Let’s win an award with our touching story!!! Give ’em all we’ve got, cap’n!!! And you know the sad thing? It’ll probably win Best Picture.

Forehead SMACK.

Overall: Sorry, Marsh, despite a stellar performance by Redmayne, who frankly deserves better than this, I ain’t buyin’ these goods.

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5 Responses to “Mawkish Hawkings During Awards Season”

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  2. […] I am declaring that the work he does in this film is far more difficult than what Redmayne does in TTOE as Hawking, because—let’s face it, folks—physical morphings impress the average moviegoer more than […]

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